If you ask any stoner, what the key to setting the good vibe is, they will tell you most likely that you want to be in a comfortable setting, with a good atmosphere and maybe some solid tunes to vibe out too well they indulge in smoking cannabis. I myself can neither confirm nor deny that that is definitely, the right kind of setting you wanna have when you’re indulging in this still federally illegal drug.

Michigan has made incredible strides of the last few years in legalizing the medicinal and recreational use of cannabis. There’s something about the state that draws people in to buy, there also seems to be a lot of people from Illinois coming into Michigan to purchase cannabis as well, which may be why Illinois is one of the worst places to get high according to a survey that was done by LawnStarter that ranked the best cities to get stoned in for 2024.

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Not surprising the cities were all in California, Nevada, Colorado, or Oregon, but what’s interesting to point out is that they found that Cicero, Elgin, Bloomington, Springfield, and Rockford, Illinois all landed on the top 10 WORST cities to get stoned in:

Connecticut, Illinois, and Washington have a long way to go to appease blazing customers. Of all the cities representing these 3 states, only Chicago (No. 38) and Seattle (No. 106) landed in the top half of the ranking. Connecticut is lacking in dispensaries and recreational users are barred from growing their own ganja in all 3 states.

What’s going on in Illinois that’s scaring all the stoners away? Is it too much heavy metal music or some garbage weed going around?

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