Over the past month, bridges have been in the mainstream eye, after the terrible tragedy that occurred involving the Francis Scott Key Bridge. There’s no doubt that bridges can be a connection to a place you normally wouldn’t be able to drive through but also come with their own risks.

Personally, I have never felt safe driving on a bridge but the chances of anything bad happening are very low. That isn’t to say that bad things on bridges don’t happen. Unfortunately, for Michigan, they’ve landed themselves on a list. you don’t want to land in, which is a list of states with the most dangerous bridges. As a recent report shows, a study was done to find the worst of the worst bridges:
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Legal funding firm High Rise Legal Funding analyzed the number of bridges in each state that are in poor condition, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. This means the presence of cracks, damage, or other instabilities that could lead to failure in the future.

How Did Michigan Fare On The List?

The short answer is not good.  The Bureau of Transportation Statistics says Michigan was shown to be placed in the top 10 states with the most dangerous bridges, according to findings from the report from High Rise, 10% of our bridges are in rough shape:

Michigan has been ranked 10 on the list of states with the most dangerous bridges, with 4,778 out of 44,913 rated as in “poor condition”. Bridges in this condition need rehabilitation to avoid injury, loss of life, or property damage, and pose a significant risk without intervention.

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