For parents who have children that are going to school, it’s important for them to know that the school is providing a healthy and nutritious meal for the kids to get through the school day. In schools all over the country, there are temptations for kids to go into the lunch hour, and eat a bunch of stuff that they probably shouldn’t be eating.

But the USDA has tried for many years to make sure that not only are our meals accessible for children all over the country, but that the food that they’re eating is in the best interest of the child. The USDA recently made an announcement that will drastically change the way they’ve been doing things that will impact Ohio school children in the near future.

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Sugar, We're Goin' Down

For the first time ever the USDA will be putting limits on added sugars that are in school meals. Starting July 1, 2025, any cereal that is served at the school can have no more than 6 g of added sugar per dry ounce, likewise, yogurt can’t have any more than 2 g of added sugar per ounce and flavored milk is down to 10 g of added sugar per 8 fluid ounces.


So they’re trying to cut down on the amount of added sugar in the foods. But it's not just sugar, but sodium, which is also slowly being diminished in the lunch meals. Luckily for the students, as long as it follows the new rules, chocolate milk will still be on the menu.

To read more about the changes you can follow this link.

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