Credit fraud is sickening to think about for a lot of people sadly is a very real thing that they may have to face. This is why it’s so important to keep all of your personal information under lock and key and watch out for skimmers that may try to steal your Card information.

A recent study done according to USA Today using Prolific, shows there is one city in Ohio that has seen a nearly 300% increase in the amount of credit card fraud cases:

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In the United States, 24 cities have seen the number of general fraud complaints double. Moreover, 126 cities saw credit-card-specific fraud complaints double since 2019. Tuscaloosa had the second-highest rate of complaints between January and September 2023, only behind Miami. Tuscaloosa saw the highest increase in credit card fraud and identity theft complaints in the country compared to the same period in 2019 — a 359.8% increase.


Bad News For Ohio

One of the cities that has seen credit card fraud double among the likes of Lewiston, Maine, Monroe, Louisiana, and Lafayette, Louisiana, is Springfield, Ohio which has seen a 296.2% increase, according to a study done by USA Today.

Some Good News For Ohio

Strangely enough, out of the bigger cities in the country, Cincinnati, Ohio has had some of the least amounts of complaints and reports of credit fraud.

So at least the people in the big city seem to be staying protected, but still, it only takes a few clicks or a few swipes for your account to be depleted or charged into oblivion.

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