Recalls are a big deal. Obviously, we want to alert you when a food items gets recalled so you don't get sick.

But this one is even more urgent, as it has to do with medication. So if you live in Ohio, and have these pills in your medicine cabinet, it's imperative you get rid of them immediately.

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The FDA filed a report recently that claims G.A. Mart dba H&Natural is recalling two of their products.

  • Tejo Root, Raiz de Tejocte, H&Natural, Dietary Supplement, specifically their 10mg pills, that are packaged in a box or bottle
  • Brazil Seed Pure Natural Semilla de Brasil, H&Natural, the 0.167 g seeds, packaged in a box or bottle

The reason for the recall is that they contain an additive called "Yellow Oleander," which is highly toxic to the human body, and was not supposed to be included in the product.

What Is Yellow Oleander, and What Will it Do?

Yellow Oleander

The Yellow Oleander is a flower native to Mexico and Central America that is strangely seen as a religiously significant flower in India. While the flower can be beautiful, it is also highly toxic to vertebrates, which obviously includes humans.

The effects on a human mostly have gastric and cardiotoxic results, which might include vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, cardiac changes, and dysrhythmia.

While some of these symptoms don't seem too serious, in some individuals with pre-existing conditions, it could be more serious.

Most of the pills were distributed through Amazon and through They were also available in WalMart. The FDA has suggestions on how to properly dispose of the pills, and if you happen to exhibit any of the above symptoms after taking the pills, contact your physician immediately.

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