I can luckily say that I’ve never been a victim of getting scammed by a credit card skimmer, resulting in me, losing all of the funds in my account. Credit card scammers are coming up with new ways of stealing your information and it’s always important to stay protected and keep your account safe.

This is why when you go to the gas station, they always tell you to cover up the pin with your hand because you never know where a camera could be placed. Recently in Ohio, the Secret Service found more than 20 credit card skimmers in northern Ohio alone.

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From grocery stores to gas stations no place safe from people who are trying to steal your banking information. One person in the comment section of this video, explaining how credit card skimmers work, claims it's not just small criminals doing it, but potentially shady business owners as well:

First I would like to say it isn't just crooks stealing customer card numbers, shady business owners are also doing this because it is big money in the underworld. And also it is not just physical skimmers anymore now they have devices that can skim a card without the crook touching the ATM or Point of Sale terminal they can sit in their car and set up their antenna and turn on their laptops and capture anyone who uses the atm close by.

Giant Eagle, Walmart & Marc’s are just a few of the places that have recently seen these credit card skimmers at work. But gas stations can also be a hot spot as well, along with liquor stores.

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