We've seen these studies come out every year from different sources, about how infested the cities around us are with different creatures. Recently, we found the most rat infested cities in Ohio were Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, with all three landing in the Top 50. Likewise, and Orkin survey put FIVE Ohio Communities in the most bed bug infested cities in the country.

But we have a new source for infestation, and sadly, it's not any better for at least two Ohio Cities, who were also on the Orkin list in 2023.

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Terminix, who also specializes in pest removal, like Orkin, put out their updated list of Bed Bug infested cities in the country, and unfortunately, at least one city tracks with the Orkin List.

Akron, Ohio remains at the #4 most bed bug infested city in the country, just like the Orkin list had them in 2023. But the interesting thing with Terminix is, Cleveland isn't tied with them at No. 4. No... it slides all the way down to #10.

Other Ohio cities on the list include Toledo at #38 most infested, Dayton at #34, Youngstown at #27, and Cincinnati at #13.

So a total of six cities on the Top 50 list. However, this new list doesn't have Columbus on it, who was No. 10 on the Orkin list, and replaces it with Youngstown, Ohio, lower on the list.

So what did we learn about Ohio here? It's gross, and you should always be suspicious of any hotel's sheets.

But don't worry Ohioans, there are still plenty of other Michigan cities on there to battle with, and dozens of major metropolitan cities from across the country on the full list, which you can see in full below.

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