If you've struggled in recent years, then more than likely you've made a trip to the Dollar Store. Sadly, they all seem to be in rough shape - understaffed, overstocked, and disorganized. It's an adventure every time you go.

But, Dollar General recently made an announcement that they would be making some big changes that might improve your in-store experience significantly, AND, it might be adding jobs as well.

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For those who missed it, Dollar stores in general came under fire in the past year after a piece aired on HBO's "Last Week Tonight" with John Oliver.

In the piece, Oliver, and his research team point out that the stories, especially Dollar General, are almost entirely staffed by no more than one or two people at a time... all day. Employees are making minimum wage to handle literally every responsibility in the store during their shift, which includes stocking shelves, checking out unruly customers, and handling any other issues that might arise.

It was a major eye-opener, and many people were outraged at how the staff at these stores were being treated.

Well, Dollar General saw their flaws, and has begun work to make their shopping experience more acceptable. They announced recently they would be purchasing more stores across the country, BUT ALSO removing some self-checkout stations, and replacing them with actual employees.

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This means more than one employee will be in the store at any given moment.

Ohio is home to 977 Dollar Generals, which is fifth most in the country behind Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida. Even if they only offer ONE additional job (which we hope it's more than that) at each store, that's near 1,000 new jobs across the state.

It's unclear when and how these changes will be implemented, but considering how fast their stock has been falling since 2022, they better act fast.

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