Feeling down? Need some help getting motivated? We all have our go-to songs to get us going. I asked Kalamazoo for their favorite, all-time, blasé -busting beats. This soundtrack is sure to put a fire under your butt.

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    Don't Stop Me Now

    This is Matt M.'s pick, and a strong one, at that. Not only was it featured in a kick-ass fight scene in Shaun of the Dead, I defy you to sit still and not sing along to this.

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    The Chemical Brothers


    Okay, this is my pick. I would have to sneak one in here at some point. I really don't know what it is about this song, but I hear the first few beats and my heart swells. Great song to dance down the hallway to. Believe me. That's been tested.

  • 3



    Janine's choice. Muse doesn't skimp when they set out to compose something to inspire. You can't help but feel the revolution boiling in your blood. Knights of Cydonia is another in their lengthy catalog that doesn't just get you on your feet, but also has a great video.

  • 4

    Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

    Uptown Funk

    SEVERAL people listed this as their go-to butt moving song. Who can deny it? Maybe it's the beat. Maybe it's the fact that when you sing along you get to say, "I gotta kiss myself, I'm so pretty." Whatever the reason, we love it.

  • 5

    Bobby Brown

    My Prerogative

    The 80s called. They wanted to remind you of this little gem. Jesse D.'s pick, with the added comment of "Almost anything 80s" motivates him. I am inclined to agree.

  • 6

    Imagine Dragons


    Heather B. chose Imagine Dragons to much acclaim. Many people agreed with her choice. She said, "This is a go-to in my head while pushing it during triathlons and stuff." Go, Heather!

  • 7

    Lindsey Stirling

    Roundtable Rival

    I chose this particular song out of many of her's as Jeremy M.'s comment was "Lindsey Stirling. Her music is like sunshine." It is. If you haven't seen this woman throw down on a violin, you are missing out.

  • 8

    Justin Timberlake

    Can't Stop The Feeling

    Marina chose this saying, "hey, I have a 2 year old." Tons of parents know that feel, bro.

  • 9

    Meredith Brooks


    Paige is responsible for making us all think, "I completely forgot about this one." Instantly, memories of driving to high school, singing along to this one at the top of my lungs, came flooding back. Going to have to save this one for later.

  • 10

    Annie Lennox

    Walking on Broken Glass

    Can't argue with Barb's pick. This is a song that brings the attitude out of me... at karaoke and in my car.

  • 11

    Harry Belafonte

    Jump in the Line

    Jeanene added this pearl to the list. It's impossible to not smile when anything Belafonte comes on. Jeanene's comment: "ALWAYS works magic."

  • 12

    Black Sabbath

    War Pigs

    Bill J. is not wrong. This one stirs the very cockles of my heart.

  • 13


    Eye of the Tiger

    Sarah R. made sure one of the most iconic inspirational songs from the 80s made the list. It's right up there with Joe Esposito's You're the Best. Says Sarah, about Eye of the Tiger, "Works 100% of the time, every time."

  • 14

    OK Go


    Dustin M.'s go-to is a Go; OK Go, that is. (I know... I can't believe I did that either.) If the song doesn't get you, watching OK Go's music videos will certainly show you that you can achieve the impossible.

  • 15

    Lady Gaga

    Edge of Glory

    Rounding out our list is Emily B.'s choice, throwing a nod to the incomparable Lady Gaga. I have sung this full volume in my living room. So far, the neighbors have not complained.

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