The state of Michigan holds in its archives many of the battle flags carried by Wolverine-based regiments in the Civil War, except for the 26th - until now.

The 26th Michigan Volunteer Infantry Regiment was based in Jackson and saw action in 6 different campaign during its years of service, 1862 through 1865.  The flag had been lost to history until a portion turned up recently at an auction in Ohio.

The story of the flag remnant, as told on the Civil War Digital Digest, relates how a member of the 26th Michigan snipped little fragments of the flag to keep as mementos of their service and the family has kept the piece of history ever since.

Matt VanAcker is co-chair of Michigan's 'Save the Flag' project and explains the importance of the flag in the video below and how this is an important remnant with pieces of the canton (blue) as well as the first red stripe and some of the fringe.

Save the Flag paid just over $1800, raised by private donations, for the flag remnant which will be housed in the collection of the Michigan Historical Museum in Lansing.

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