If you're like me you're not comfortable not knowing what's going to happen next.  I'm not just talking about the pandemic and the impending "new normal".  Once again we're talking about uncharted territory and wondering what's going to be left from the "before time."

It's human nature to look back longingly on the past and lament all the things that we miss or have changed.  This time, however, it's for real and it's fast.  It's a matter of months not years and unlike time taking it's course, it's the Pandemic taking it away.

I've said it before and I'll say it again but maybe I won't be able to say it next year... We American's are spoiled by the many things in our life that are always there.  I'm not talking about the necessities but rather the luxuries that we think are necessities.

It is mind-boggling the many things that may not exist six months from now.  We hope that most will return but what if they don't?  There will be an incredible shock to our collective system because, as I said, they won't fade away in time they will be gone tomorrow and not coming back.

Alright, alright enough gloom and doom.  Maybe I'm wrong.  It's happened once or twice before.  Maybe it will all come back and we'll look back and laugh and laugh.

But just in case they don't, we have started the natural listing of Michigan things Kalamazooans will never take for granted again.  See if you agree with some of these.

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