The Unemployment Insurance Agency has paid out more than $5.5 Billion in unemployment claims related to COVID-19 to Michigan workers displaced by the pandemic.

Coronavirus has had a worldwide economic impact that has been acutely felt in Michigan. The numbers are staggering. Since March 15 at the onset of the crisis, 1,717,555 claimants have applied for state and federal benefits. You can see the need is great. The Great Lake State is third behind Vermont and West Virginia in percent of the workforce receiving benefits from 3/25-4/25.

Swift to act, our state ranks second only to New York in percent of claims processed from 3/21-4/11. A hefty $5.62 billion in benefits has been paid to 1,374,751 of workers. Roughly 92% of eligible claimants have received benefits or have been approved to receive benefits. The work is not finished yet.

While we appear to be outpacing most other states in paying benefits and processing claims, our focus remains on helping those who still need one on one assistance to receive benefits. No one will lose a dollar of benefit they are eligible for and we will not rest until everyone gets the benefits they deserve.

-Dept. of Labor and Economic Opportunity Director Jeff Donofrio

The three main reasons for a person being declared ineligible for unemployment?

  1. Voluntary leaving (quit)
  2. Discharge (fired)
  3. Refusal of work
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