A young student gets millions of views on TikTok after a hilarious mistake purchasing a very special pair of Crocs.

Madison is a 22-year-old student that goes by @uh.maddy on TikTok.  Madison currently has 130 thousand followers and 2.7 million total video likes.  In a recent conversation, Maddy told us that she just moved to Kalamazoo from Troy and gave the following description of her TikTok content,

...just recently moved to Kalamazoo for college.  I would describe my videos as kind and uplifting, just anything to make somebody’s day just that much better or make somebody laugh.

Maddy has a series of videos about one particular pair of Crocs that have gotten her lots of attention.  It all started with her confession that she made a mistake on StockX in accidentally spending $300 on a special pair of Crocs.  That video was viewed 330.6 thousand times and is just the tip of the iceberg.


Just a week later, Maddy's Lightning McQueen light-up crocs arrived.  That video has been viewed 2.3 million times and has nearly 900 thousand likes.

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The most viewed video on the @uh.maddy TikTok account is a quick :10 video of tie dye hat.  This video as been viewed 2.4 million times.

Maddy recently uploaded this video that I'm sure many servers can relate to.

Maddy's favorite TikTok creators include carew_ellingtonpeytoncoffee and marianne.la.mesera.

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