The distinctive opening riff of AC/DC's 1980 classic "Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution" is featured in a new series of TV spots from the Applebee's restaurant chain. "That's no ordinary steak. That's Applebee's hand-cut sirloin getting juicy of split American Oak. And those aren't mere drippings. They're tiny vapor angels wafting upwards to bless your steak with subtle, smokey deliciousness," proudly states one spot.

A second ad boasts of "trained meat-cutters slicing every steak by hand," while the third ensures us, "That’s no ordinary grill. That's Applebee's brand new, fire-breathing workhorse," before asking, "Now ... does this look like a microwave to you?" For those keeping score at home, it doesn't look like a microwave, though we're still not sure what is has to do with noise pollution or rock 'n' roll.

The classic rock staple first appeared on the band's legendary mega-selling album Back in Black. Released in the summer of 1980, Back in Black would go on to make AC/DC one of the top acts in the history of rock 'n' roll. It is reportedly the second-highest-selling album in history, selling more than 22 million copies since its release nearly 36 years ago.

AC/DC are currently on tour with Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose taking over on vocals for their longtime singer Brian Johnson, who was told by doctors to retire from the road due to severe hearing damage. This presumably temporary supergroup will wrap up its European tour in mid-June. After that, they're expected to reschedule the 10 U.S. dates AC/DC were forced to postpone as a result of Johnson's departure back in March.

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