AC/DC have been on a roll since they started teasing the new album Power Up last month. They've already released the lead single "Shot in the Dark," and now, AC/DC have posted a video clip teasing the song "Demon Fire."

"Demon Fire" is less bluesy and more fast-paced than "Shot in the Dark," boasting a killer, descending riff that loops underneath Brian Johnson's snarling vocals. The clip proves that despite having been around for over four decades, AC/DC still have the same fearless energy they're known and loved for.

Watch the clip below.

Power Up marks the return of AC/DC following a tumultuous couple of years for the band, which saw Johnson's departure from performing live due to his hearing issues and the death of founding member Malcolm Young. The Australian band's new collection of songs lists Young as a co-writer, as he wrote a plethora of the riffs that were used. Angus Young's nephew Stevie Young has now taken on the role of rhythm guitarist for the band.

The album will be out Friday, Nov. 13 (fitting, right?), and is available in several different formats including digital, vinyl, CD and a deluxe CD edition that comes in a collectible box with built-in speakers. Pre-order it now. (As Amazon affiliates, we earn on qualifying purchases)

AC/DC - "Demon Fire" Teaser

Update: AC/DC have now released the full video for "Demon Fire." Watch below:

AC/DC, "Demon Fire" Video

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