It's been heavily rumored that AC/DC are reunited with longtime vocalist Brian Johnson and longtime drummer Phil Rudd and have a new album (their first since 2014) on the way, and after the band seemingly accidentally leaked and then deleted photos on their website with evidence of the reunion, they've now made their first official announcement that something is coming, with this teaser:

It's obviously not much... but stay tuned!

UDPATE: AC/DC have also been putting up "PWR UP" posters and ads (including one outside of Angus Young's old high school), and they launched the website The site gives you the option to sign up for a mailing list, features that same flickering lightning bolt logo as the teaser, and lists a band lineup with all the members' names covered up.

Assuming the rumors are true, this will mean the band's current lineup is Brian, Phil, bassist Cliff Williams and guitarists Angus and Stevie Young together, following Brian and Phil's respective 2016 and 2015 departures, and Axl Rose replacing Brian.

The band's close friend Dee Snider of Twisted Sister recently spoke to ABC News about AC/DC's new album. "This is gonna be a miracle of technology," Dee said. "What will be achieved, the reuniting of the band that we know for one more album, is gonna to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time. Because nothing goes on forever. But this is the ultimate 'one more time.'"


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