The little hamlet of Alamo was settled in 1841 and sits smack dab in the center of Alamo Township, Kalamazoo County.

It was created as a post office and railroad station on the Kalamazoo & South Haven (later the Michigan Central) Railroad. Since it was a post office located in the center of the township, the area was dubbed “Alamo Centre P.O.” After a few years the “P.O.” was dropped, and eventually just shortened to “Alamo” by the early 1900s.

Most-asked question: was the town & township actually named after THE Alamo in Texas? Answer: yes, it was. The settlers had originally chosen a different name, 'Bainbridge', but since there was already a 'Bainbridge' in Berrien County, that suggestion was dropped.

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It was in 1836 when Davy Crockett and all the other men at the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas were wiped out by General Santa Anna and his Mexican troops. The rest of the country was extremely sympathetic toward Texas, and the residents of Kalamazoo County were no exception. In honor of Crockett and the others, the local settlers  decided to “remember the Alamo” by giving their township (and later, the town) that name.

One of Alamo's sources of capital was from farming, and tons of produce were shipped out by train just south of town.

These days, Alamo has roughly 100 residents, a few remaining old original buildings, and a few businesses, but no restaurants, grocers, gas stations, or party stores. So load up before you visit. Take a look at the gallery below for some 'then-and-now' photos!


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