What does a man who is Halloween-ready onstage for the remainder of the year do when it comes time to actually celebrate Halloween? For Alice Cooper, he dons a mask just like many of us.

Speaking with Kerrang, Cooper revealed his favorite Halloween costume, and it didn't involve any of his own stage look. The legendary rocker reflected on a time when his kids were trick or treating and he decided to dress like one of the big screen horror figures of the day.

“The one time I took my kids out, it was when Halloween came out, so I had the full Michael Myers outfit on,” laughed Alice. “I’d stand there, and the kids would go up and get candy, and I had a tape recorder in my pocket that’s going… (John Carpenter’s Halloween theme)."

Cooper's commitment to portraying the character wasn't just passive though. He recalls, "The kids would leave ... and I would still stand there. And when the parents would look out the window, I’d still be standing there. And after a while they began to wonder, who was this guy, really?”

The original Halloween film was released in 1978, but thanks to a variety of sequels, reboots and the original film's legacy, the Michael Myers look for Halloween remains particularly effective for unnerving people.

For a fright beyond Halloween, be sure to catch Alice resuming his touring Nov. 3 in Fort Myers, Fla. All of Cooper's upcoming dates can be found here.

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