It's amazing how quickly you can get used to something like lockdown. Once everything was shuttered I figured it would be quite a while before I'd hear whispers of business as usual, so I never bothered to suss them out. As big of a trivia fan as I am, how did I not know that LFG, our friendly Kalamazoo gaming bar, brought Top Shelf Trivia back six weeks ago? I really feel like my Spidey Sense should have been triggered...

Trivia is the perfect pandemic-friendly activity. Think about it; everyone is stationary so there's no heavy breathing, you're more than likely playing with people who are already in your "bubble", it's quiet so there's no shouting, and you can easily stay socially distanced. Plus, you're getting out of the house and supporting a local business at the same time, so it really is a win-win. Also, it's every Wednesday at 7:00, so it gives you a target at the beginning of the week, and serves as a mid-week marker to help you stay sane and get you through to Friday.

It might just be time to get the old team back together and see if we can't share some knowledge, enjoy a pint or two, and maybe even win some prizes. It sure would be nice to feel a bit of normalcy and bring some fun in to these "uncertain and unprecedented times".

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