They might seem mundane to you but the 5 digits you place at the bottom of an envelope can send a piece of mail anywhere from Maine to Palau. Here are 5 of the more intesesting ZIP codes in the US postal system.

  • Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
    Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

    12345 - Schenectady, NY

    GE's Glamour ZIP Code

    All of Schenectady ZIP Codes start with 123, but only mail destined for General Electric's Schenectady offices get the sequential 12345.

  • Holton Archives/Getty Images
    Holton Archives/Getty Images

    06390 - Fishers Island, NY

    The NY ZIP Code that Belongs in Connecticut

    Fishers Island is located just a few miles off the coast of Connecticut but belongs to New York State - part of Long Island's Suffolk County. The only way on the island is ferry service from Connecticut, and that's where all the island's mail comes from, hence the Connecticut 06*** ZIP code.

  • Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images
    Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty Images

    00501 - Holtsville, NY

    The Lowest ZIP Code

    The smallest number ZIP code in the USPS system is 00501 located in Holtsville, New York. It's not a residential ZIP code, but rather a special code for an IRS center located there.

  • Holton Archives/Getty Images
    Holton Archives/Getty Images

    99950 - Ketchikan, AK

    The Highest ZIP Code

    Ketchikan located in the panhandle of Alaska can claim many things: Salmon Fishing Capitol of the World, world's largest collection of totem poles, and the highest ZIP code in the US Postal Service - 99950.

  • Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    20252 - Washington, DC

    Smokey Bear's Personal ZIP Code

    Many government buildings and institutions have their own ZIP codes. But only one cartoon bear has his own specially designated ZIP code. Smokey Bear received so much mail from children applying to be Junior Forest Rangers that Smokey was assigned his own ZIP code - 20252.

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