Ultimately, when people think back to the "good ole days" of the United States of America, ultimately they think of that post-WWII imagery. The man who has a 9-5 job with a nuclear family, a stay-at-home wife, and maybe the most iconic person who ISN'T part of the family... the milkman.

Well, since production, and distribution of milk has moved to a much more national level, the job of the milk man has largely been done away with. However, one Milk House in Indiana is looking to bring that small-town ideal BACK to their home city.

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Kuehnert Dairy Farm, just outside of Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been in the family for six generations. The farm is so big, and so prevalent in the community, that they have their own annual fall festival and launched their own "milk house" in the town earlier in 2024.

While they are a staple in the community, the Kuehnert Dairy Farm is far from normal. They do still offer traditional flavors like white, Chocolate, and strawberry, however they also offer stranger flavors like Orange Cream and Cotton Candy.

But even further, Kuehnert's has old-school mentalities, and still use glass bottles for their milk. Those bottles can be re-used, and returned for store credit. It's something almost unheard of in the modern dairy industry, but it's something they took note of, and have now decided to take their "old-fashioned approach" even further.

"We want to take our milk from our house to your house... and that is ultimately what we want to do with this delivery route." - Milk House Manager Andrew Kuehnert

The Kuehnerts have decided to bring back the milkman, and will be delivering not just milk, but cheese, cheese curds, and butter to homes across the area.

At this time, no specific date has been announced for when they plan on starting this delivery service, but they do have plans on rolling it out some time this year. it will also be an online order service.

Ultimately, this sounds awesome, and It's a great nod to their history, but it also concerns me. We all know the trope about how many kids were conceived by the milkman back in the day... if you see an uptick in pregnancies in Fort Wayne... I'm just saying.

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