One of the top things that bothers me the most in this world is bullying.  I've said so many times on the air and in public that witnessing someone bullying someone else makes me about as angry as I can be.  It also makes me incredibly sad and I wish I could do more to stop it altogether.  I certainly know that I haven't done enough and recognize that flaw in my character.  So when an opportunity comes along to point out an effort to stop bullying, I want to make sure I, at least, do that.

Todd Heywood from the Michigan Department Of Civil Rights sent us a press release about the "Relentless Tour" an anti-bullying initiative coming to Kalamazoo on Friday January 11th.  Former Michigan State basketball player Anthony Ianni will be speaking to the kids at El Sol Academy 604 Vine St in Kalamazoo at 9:30am.  Ianni was diagnosed with autism at age 4 and knows all too well what bullying is about.  He overcame his disability and played for Tom Izzo beginning in 2010.  To get more info on the visit and the tour click HERE.


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