Now that we've had a few warm days we can start to determine whether the Polar Vortex in February had any effect on the Stink Bug population.  If you remember, there was speculation, if not a scientific basis, that the extremely cold temperatures for an extended period of time would quell the amount of "visitors" to our homes this Spring.  So far the situation looks good but it's still too early to declare victory.

However, we may have a new invader on the horizon.  In fact, there is already a warning from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources concerning Spotted Lanternflies.  According to an article on, the Spotted Lanternflies are originally from Southeast Asia and threaten $350 million of Michigan crops including some S.W. Michigan staples like wine grapes, cherries and hops.  These little buggers soak up sap and then excrete something called "honeydew" which turns into black, sooty mold.  Get more information and what to do if you see any by clicking HERE


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