What's with the zombie craze?  Everything seems to have a zombie component.  Movies, TV shows, morning radio hosts, the list goes on and on.  Haven't we had enough???  Nope.  Not yet!  Now, it seems, the zombie world has infiltrated the animal world.  Or has it?

According to an article on wzzm13.com, several TV news stations and newspapers both local and national are incorrectly telling people about Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD.  People are becoming confused about this "Zombie Deer" story that warns of a "zombie deer disease" outbreak with diseased deer running amuck.  Add to that the speculation that the disease can be passed on to humans.  First, CWD has never been found in humans and, unfortunately, can't be eradicated from the deer population.  Next, it doesn't turn deer into "zombie deer" but we live in a time of sensationalism and "zombie" headlines get attention just like the one on this story.  Want more of the truth?  Click HERE.




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