Okay, you’ve had a few hours to go over the Avengers: Infinity War trailer with a fine-toothed comb. (Do they even still make those anymore? What is a fine-toothed comb?) So did ScreenCrush video editor and resident Marvel zombie Ryan Arey. He spent the morning examining the new trailer and made this video, breaking down every single second of it to try to spot all the hidden clues, secrets, and Easter eggs. Click above to see all the stuff he found.

His analysis includes Peter Parker’s first confirmed use of his Spider-Sense in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, identifying exactly which of the Infinity Stones Thanos has acquired in this film, and our best guesses as to some of the chronology of events in the movie. Plus, he identifies where Scarlet Witch and Vision are (Hint: It ain’t New York City), figures out why everyone seems to wind up in Wakanda, puts forward a theory of what Thor is up to in Infinity War, and how Marvel’s going to get all these heroes into outer space for Avengers 4: Infinity Crusade or Whatever.

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