A 45-year-old Battle Creek man was arrested, after allegedly throwing a chair and threatening his neighbor with a sword.

Battle Creek Police responded to the 200-block of Capital Avenue NE, shortly after 1 PM Monday, November 8th, where they spent the next two hours trying to coach the man from his home.

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Witnesses say the confrontation began when the suspect had reportedly come out to his front porch, yelling at people gathered there. He then focused on one particular neighbor, throwing a chair and swinging a sword at them.

When officers arrived, the suspect wouldn’t leave his home. Concerned about the man’s mental health, Police contacted Summit Pointe to help in negotiations. He eventually agreed to come out, and the police arrested him without further incident. Later, police heard him say that, if given the chance, he was going to kill his neighbor.

The suspect is now lodged in the Calhoun County Jail. Responders will look at mental health assistance as part of his case.

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