It was a scene of panic and chaos after shots were fired in the Cricket Club, early Thanksgiving morning, in Battle Creek.

A Battle Creek police officer, who was on foot patrol in the neighborhood of the bar, located at 34 West Michigan Avenue, heard shots fired within the establishment and attempted to enter through a rear entrance, but was unable to do so because of hundreds of patrons attempting to flee the scene. He was finally able to enter the bar and located 29-year-old Xavier West, who had been struck in the chest by gunfire during a large brawl.

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The officer was able to carry West outside of the bar, with the aid of bar patrons, to where he could be treated by emergency personal en route to the scene. As he waited for EMTs to arrive, he attempted life-saving procedures which included applying pressure to the victim’s chest. West was transported to Bronson/Kalamazoo Hospital, where he died a short time later.

Video footage of the brawl indicates it all started shortly after midnight when bar security guards intervened. As it escalated, Adam Yancer, one of the security staff, was allegedly assaulted and fell to the floor with multiple people continuing the assault. While prone to the ground, it appears Yancer drew his weapon and fired, hitting West.

Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker held a press conference, Wednesday, where the video footage was shown. After the conference, additional information was received following a plea for anybody who was at the Cricket Club, during the shooting, to please contact the police.

As a result of the current investigation, Battle Creek Police announced late Friday afternoon that the case has been submitted, to the Calhoun County Prosecutor, against Adam Yancer.

Battle Creek Police said in a statement that they will not make any further public comment until after the Prosecutor’s Office reviews the case.

The investigation does continue and authorities ask that anyone with information can contact police at 269-966-3322, via non-emergency dispatch at 269-781-0911, or via Silent Observer at 269-964-3888.

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