It was approaching dinnertime, at 5:40 p.m., Sunday afternoon, when Battle Creek firefighters were alerted that a woman was trapped in an upstairs bedroom, unable to escape her blazing smoke-filled home. 

Heavy fire was coming from the first-floor living room of the home, as firefighters arrived at 189 Bryant Street. The crew from Engine 2 rushed into action, placing a ladder to the second-floor bedroom, where they found the homeowner unresponsive. Truck 1 aided in the rescue, handling fire control as fellow firefighters brought the woman through the bedroom window and carried her down the extension ladder. Meanwhile, Truck 1 performed a primary search on the first floor, while Squad 2 arrived to search the second floor for any further potential victims.  

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Reaching ground level, the crew members from Engine 2 transferred the still unresponsive woman to Rescue 3, who immediately began EMS while transporting the victim to the hospital. Their actions were successful as the victim was resuscitated, regaining consciousness. 

As Rescue 3 sped to the hospital, Engine 5 was assigned to the Rapid Intervention Crew and also provided additional support to the search teams. As firefighters fought the raging fire, Rescue 6 and Squad 6 secured the utilities in order to prevent exposure to any gas or electrical hazards.  

The teamwork between the firefighters brought the blaze under control, without any further injuries. The homeowner was hospitalized in critical condition, and investigators say that her action of closing the bedroom door, at the beginning of the fire, slowed the progress of the fire and smoke. The cause of the fire is unknown at this time and is under investigation by the Fire Marshal.    

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