Last fall, Metallica delivered an impressive rollout for their Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct album, including the revelation of videos for every song on their new album. One of those clips, "Spit Out the Bone," was shot by acclaimed video director Phil Mucci whose resume includes groundbreaking videos for Stone Sour, Huntress and others. Now, thanks to a new featurette, fans can get a look at how the "Spit Out the Bone" video came together.

In the clip above, Mucci is joined by longtime Diabolik partner and frequent video star Ian Mackay as well as stuntwoman and Mucci video vet Mindy Kelly, as they break down how the "Spit Out the Bone" video came together in a relatively short time frame. Included in the behind the scenes look, you'll see some of the green screen effects, shots of Kelly's stunt crew in action, sketches of what the video was meant to look like and plenty of discussion amongst Kelly, Mackay and Mucci.

"I was really nervous ever showing that to the band," says Mucci. "I was nervous to show Metallica the rough cut of the video because it was terrifying. If I were them and I had read the treatment that promised all this really fun old school effects and puppets and robots and you get this green screen edit in which there's no robots, there's no puppets, there's nothing in it ... so I waited until at least some of the pieces filled." Once one of the major models used within the video was delivered, Mucci says that it started to come together for what he presented to the band.

While getting an idea as to the process in the behind-the-scenes clip above, you can check out how the video came out by viewing it in the player below.

Metallica are currently touring in support of their Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct album. See their tour dates here before getting your Metallica tickets. Watch all of the Hardwired ... To Self-Destruct album's videos in this playlist.

Metallica, "Spit Out the Bone" Video

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