Despite the fact that this winter hasn't been all that bad, I'm ready for Spring.  They say a man's fancy turns to love in the Spring and while that may be true, Spring makes me think of many other things as well like baseball.

Since the Tigers won their first game of the year over Florida Southern and start the actual spring training schedule against the Pirates today, I started thinking about my favorite baseball movies.  Normally I'd give my top 5.  But that just won't do it for me so here they are, my top 10 baseball movies of all time...

1. Field Of Dreams

2. The Natural

3. Bull Durham

4. League Of Their Own

5. Major League

6. For Love Of The Game

7. Little Big League

8. Mr. Baseball

9. Sandlot

10. Brewster's Millions

There are a lot of great movies left off the list.  What are your favorites?

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