If there was one positive note that came about because of the COVID pandemic, it's the increased interest in outdoor recreational activity, like fishing for instance. Online searches for fishing and how to fish are up because people with children under 18 are thinking about fishing more now since the pandemic hit.

Experts cite mental health, stress relief and a re-connection with family as the main reasons for the heightened interest. Plus, fishing can be done in small groups and social distancing is already in play as fishing tends to spread people out more to keep from tangling lines, getting your equipment mixed up, etc.

With this heightened interest comes a chance for you to "land" that perfect gift for the new or experienced angler in your life. Here's our guide to help you out with a few ideas.

According to the Northland fishing tackle company, the Rattlin’ Puppet Minnow® brings the noise with a glass rattle and audible carry through water, all without killing its famous action. Anglers have long noted the benefits of vibration and additional sound in their baits, as fish cue on auditory clues to both help them locate and target prey of all kinds. If you're going for the big ones, then this sounds like a must-have to me!

These must haves have the Slip-On closure and their full rubber 100% waterproof construction keeps feet dry all day long. Slip resistant and the lining is antimicrobial to keep your dogs from stinking. They are lightweight and ankle-height for easy walking comfort which rocks when you're hiking out to your favorite spot.

Tired of stinking like the very fish you catch? Here's something that should help.

Built for holding large amounts of tackle, the Daiwa Tackle Barn Tackle Bag gives you enough room to carry everything to be prepared for any situation and then some. A great gift for the experienced angler that needs more storage and carrying space or the beginner who will begin building their fishing arsenal.

The Motorized Ice Pod 3 holds your underwater camera stable at any depth. You can also rotate the camera with a wireless remote control to follow the action or locate your lure which always helps when you feel like you might be in the wrong spot.

Just sink this bad boy and wait for the fish to swim up and say "cheese." You can't beat the 5" high resolution LCD view that's also waterproof for all weather performance. This micro camera comes with 60’ ruggedized cable with depth indication, integrated DVR for recording video and on-screen display of camera direction and even water temperature.

A great stocking stuffer for the new angler in your life. After-all, keeping the license dry and visible is important.

There ya go - our best catches for that angler in your life. Hopefully some of the deals didn't get away. Even if they didn't you could still tell "fish" tales about how that one great big deal got away. Merry Christmas!!

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