With our healthcare system getting a better grip on the pandemic, some states have decided to begin reopening stores and lifting restrictions. Michigan remains a state that has some of the strictest recommendations in place, and that has not gone unnoticed by our neighbors to the south. Indiana recently changed two digital billboards right on the state line.

Northbound says, “Now Entering Michigan: Really? You’re sure about this?”, while southbound boasts the state's lighter pandemic restrictions with, "The Great State of Indiana Welcomes Michiganders To A Free-To-Roam State. We Thank You for the Revenue!” Smug? Sassy? I'm not entirely sure. With Indiana reporting over 20,000 less cases of the virus than in Michigan, it makes sense for the state to reopen much sooner than The Mitten.

Stage 3 of Indiana's Back on Track initiative went in to effect May 22nd. This included allowing gatherings of up to one hundred people while wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, a lift of all travel restrictions, and having businesses reopen. This was big news just before Memorial Day Weekend. Stage 3 allowed for many Hoosiers to host and attend annual cookouts and kick-off to summer parties. June 14th, the state hopes to allow for groups of up to 250 to gather and for museums, zoos, and other tourism sites to reopen.

Does that mean that Indiana will become your vacation destination for while we wait for our state's restrictions to be lifted?


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