The Polar Vortex brought -50 wind chill temps to Michigan, but we could see a high of 50 by Monday.

That's why I am coining the phrase "Bipolar Vortex".

I'm not a weather man, so I won't pretend to know why the severe weather change is going to happen. I'm just going to fall back on the answer I tell anyone that asks how this is possible . . . "Because, Michigan!"

According to Mark Torregrossa, February will bring in warmer temperatures for a few days. The crazy part is that the Polar Vortex will still be hitting many areas around us.

The warm up will only last a couple of days though, just long enough to make everything a huge slushy mess. By Wednesday of next week, we should be back to our normal February temps (which is still about 30 degrees warmer than what we've gone through this week.)

Due to my lack of a meteorology degree, I have had to make my own weather graphs to explain the Bipolar Vortex.

In the first image, you can see Michigan dealing with the extreme temps of the Polar Vortex.

Next we take a closer look at the Bipolar Vortex, and the impact it will have on Michigan.

And how is this possible you ask?

Because, Michigan.

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