Black Panther was this year’s first sensation at the box office, and successfully primed Marvel fans for the next superhero team-up, Avengers: Infinity War. Black Panther is still breaking records after opening in theaters two months ago, climbing steadily past many of the highest-grossing movies of all time to take its place near the top of the list. If you haven’t gotten a chance to see it in a theater recently, good news: in just a month from now, it’s coming to home video.

A brand new trailer has arrived to announce Black Panther’s digital release date — May 8, on iTunes, Amazon, and other online places — and Blu-ray date — May 15. That gives many of us a few weeks still to catch it in theaters before we have to go out and buy the whole thing ourselves.

The trailer doesn’t say what the nature of Black Panther’s bonus material is going to be, but I have a feeling this movie will be worth purchasing just to get the behind-the-scenes stuff. I watched Ryan Coogler’s fascinating scene breakdown he did for Vanity Fair maybe three or four times. There’s also bound to be deleted and alternate scenes announced as the release date approaches.

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