Bohemian Rhapsody built on an unexpectedly high $51 million opening by earning $30.9 million over a second weekend on American screens, upping its U.S. total to more than $100 million in 10 days.

That makes the Freddie Mercury movie the third-biggest grossing music biopic in history, with only 2015’s Straight Outta Compton ($161.2 million) and 2005’s Walk the Line ($119.5 million) having earned more during their theater runs. It now appears possible that the film will take the No. 1 spot in due course – especially if Rami Malek is nominated for an Oscar for his depiction of the Queen star, as rumored.

Worldwide, Bohemian Rhapsody reached a total of $285 million, with a production budget of $55 million, and it’s still to open in several territories.

“As for why this is happening, it would appear that the film has (checks notes) … everything you ever want and everything you ever need, right in front of you,” said Forbes movie industry expert Scott Mendelson. “If it plays like Straight Outta Compton from this point onward … we’re still looking at a $145m domestic total. But since folks like this one and it’ll be a consensus choice for large groups (and a film that adults catch up with on date night), I’m guessing a domestic finish of around $165 million to $170 million.”

Last week, the actor who portrays Brian May said the cast always knew the biopic would survive its production nightmares, including the firing of director Bryan Singer toward the end of filming. "Everyone was very, very passionate about this film – cast and crew," Gwilym Lee reported. "So, even on the toughest days, we all looked at each other and we knew we’d get each other through. In the face of adversity, there was an incredible bond between everybody on set. There was a certainty that it was going to get done.”

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