Let's see what we've had in front to fix possibly the worst roads in America.  First, Governor Whitmer made the issue the cornerstone of her campaign and some say it got her elected.  Her initial idea was a 45 cent a gallon gas tax on top of the existing taxes.  Then there was the toll road idea which has seemed to work for Illinois and Indiana.  Just recently, the Governor proposed a $3.5 billion bond plan.  Nobody, however thinks my idea will work and that is a 1 cent increase in the sales tax but whatever.  So here is the latest from our boys & girls in Lansing.

In an article on 9and10news.com, a bill introduced in Lansing promises to fix Michigan roads without a tax increase.  The bipartisan bill package would funnel all state taxes paid at the gas pump to fixing roads with a priority on roads managed by counties, cities and villages.  It would phase out the 6% sales tax on fuel purchases over three years.  Then replace it with an equivalent revenue-neutral fuel tax.  Lawmakers claim it would generate about $800 million more per year for local roads.

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