Now, more than ever, the subject of health is on the top of everyone's mind. Whether COVID-19 is a concern for you and yours, or you know someone working in the medical field, it seems like there just aren't enough facilities and care providers to go around. That's about to change in Southwest Michigan.

In what can only be described as great timing and perfect planning, the Bronson Healthcare system broke ground on seven new primary car facilities last August, and those doors are ready to open in Portage, Three Ricers, Texas Corners, Richland, Galesburg, and Kalamazoo. According to an article from MLive, these new facilities will bring 62 new care providers to the community who will provide pediatric and general primary care for our communities.


I know that with the pandemic on everyone's minds, some might not feel very comfortable making appointments for physicals and check-ups, but rest assured that the staff at all Bronson facilities are doing everything they can to make sure that they protect the health of their patients. All practitioners and office employees are masked, hand sanitizer and washing stations are provided, and they only allow people in the building just before their appointments to avoid too many people in waiting rooms.

Having a general practitioner is so important. They can help you keep track of your health from year to year, and seeing the same doctor or nurse practitioner increases your chances of catching an illness early. There's no better time than now to get your health in order. Click here to see where the new Bronson Healthcare locations have opened in your area.

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