The first season of The Mandalorian concluded weeks ago on Disney+, but there’s still been almost no Baby Yoda merchandise available to sate the voracious desire for fans of the show’s breakout star. Intent on preserving the secrecy of the character’s adorable identity, Disney made the uncharacteristic decision not to toy-ify Baby Yoda until after the character was revealed on the show. You can still only pre-order most of the various Baby Yoda toys and plushes that will be hitting shelves this year.

If you are one of these Baby Yoda acolytes (acolyodates?), here’s another item you’ll want to keep on your radar. Build-a-Bear has announced (via Business Insider) that they will be introducing a Baby Yoda toy in the very near future.

When revealed at a presentation in Orlando, the CEO of Build-A-Bear, Sharon Price John, held up an example of the plush, and noted that they will be “one of the first companies to provide the digital and internet phenomenon who is trending higher than all the presidential candidates combined.” If that is true, that is very upsetting.

But on the plus side: Baby Yoda! John also added that the company had been working to make their Baby Yoda “almost with the first episode,” which gives you a sense of how long and complicated the process of producing one of these products can be. Look for Baby Yoda at a Build-A-Bear near you in “the next few months.”

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