Cake Boss Buddy Valastro is recovering from surgery after a freaky accident at home. His right hand was caught up in a pin-sitting machine from the bowling alley he has set up at his private residence . Who said bowling wasn't a dangerous sport.  Buddy's hand was impaled numerous times by a metal rod in the pin-sitter and his son had to use a hand saw to release him.  Be careful, here are five other freakish accidents that have happened at home.

5) Death By Carrot:

Star-News reports of a man who drank himself to death. Not from any alcoholic beverage mind you but by consuming to much carrot juice. Despite being warned that the carrot juice would damage his liver beyond repair, 48 year old basil brown said to hell with it and went on with his daily binge of carrot juice only to soon succumb to its carroty goodness. Could've been worse, at least he wasn't exposed for long periods of time to the comedic antics of one Carrot Top.  Which would kill anybody.

4) Death By Beef:

According to the LA Times a Brazilian man hit the hay one night hoping to get some shut eye in his own cozy bed when a humongous cow fell through the roof and landed on top of him causing death by internal bleeding. How did the cow climb onto the roof you my ask? It was very easy for the cow to accomplish the feat simply because the man's home was built into the side of a hill.

3) Death is Not Dishwasher Safe:

The Guardian comes clean (pun intended) about a Lanarkshire, England woman who was visiting a friend and while her friend was loading the dishwasher the visiting woman somehow managed to lose her balance and fall upon the dishwasher. The fall may have been less damaging had it not been for the several sharp knives that were loaded in the dishwasher point blades up. Ouch!

2) Parking Death Garage:

It's one thing to have a garage collapse upon you but its quite another when a support also helps make sure you die by impaling you.  That's what happened to a 63 year old man after he parked his BMW in his garage after giving her a nice bath. According to NEWS 24 the local fire department had to saw away the beam to free his body from the freak accident.

1) Sink Hole Of Death

Tampa Bay Times reported 37 year old Jeffery Bush went to bed one night and was never seen again as a giant sinkhole opened up under his home not only swallowing up Jeffery but his entire bedroom. To make sure the sinkhole had done a thorough job of removing Jeffery and his bedroom it swallowed listening equipment and other gear not once but twice more, continually remaining unstable and unpredictable by collapsing further and further into the depths of hell.

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