This Fall Michiganders will be travelling to the Upper Peninsula to take part in the first cannabis festival that's ever been held publicly in the U.P. Camp Cannabis will be going down October 7th & October 8th in Marquette and will feature all sorts of activities for stoners and vibers alike, including:

Live music from nationally-recognized artists. A wide selection of marijuana experiences. Dozens of vendors. And of course, legal cannabis. Camp Cannabis (aka “camp” or “CC”) is the first festival of its kind in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Event goers will enjoy  a welcoming and engaging environment centered on music, art, culture, and marijuana. The festival will be held in Marquette, Michigan’s Tourist Park, a 110 acre campground located on the edge of the city along the shores of the Dead River.

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Within the festival there will be multiple areas to hang out with unique experiences at each location such as:

Good Vibes Forest

  • Tie dye
  • Guided meditation
  • Puff & paint
  • Henna tattoos
  • Relaxation Station

Outdoor Classroom

  • Joint Rolling 101*
  • The History of Cannabis
  • Cooking with Cannabis
  • History of Cannabis Law
  • Cannabis Terpenes
  • Author Book Signing

Contest Pavilion

  • Cannabis Cup*
  • Munchie Eating Contest*
  • Glassing Blowing Competition*
  • Longest Rip Contest*
  • Camp Scavenger Hunt

There will be many more lineup and event announcements made this Summer, but already there's a lot of planning being made for this unique event.

Tickets are already on sale for the event starting at $125 and going all the way up to $200 for the weekend. Their website will continue to update with event info as it progresses.

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