Well wouldn't this be something to throw back in the face of all the people for 100 years who said marijuana was wrong for America.  That it had no redeeming value except to get people high and lead to harder and harder drugs all the while they were drinking alcohol and snacking on hypocrisy.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, cannabis has been dismissed summarily by narrow-minded nay-sayers with ulterior motives.  There has been plenty of findings that have determined the medical and industrial value of marijuana and hemp but there has been no attempt to capitalize on it.

Finally, states have seen the light and soon the federal government will.  The myths have been dispelled and its time to take advantage of all this natural product can give.  Again, full disclosure, I am not a marijuana consumer but I am aware of all the miss conceptions and all the missed opportunity.

One can only hope that enough money will be at stake to drive entrepreneurs and even our governments to find all the valuable ways we can use what nature has given us.  And now, it may be an important factor in fighting one of the biggest battles in 3 generations: The Coronavirus Crisis.

Scientists in Canada have found that certain strains of marijuana, especially if they're taken orally like an oil or a mouth spray, could be used to prevent COVID-19 and limit the spread of the infection.  So, it's not a cure or vaccine but it could help.

What if?  What if marijuana played a huge part or even a small part in saving us from this crisis?  It wouldn't be the new normal, it would be the new abnormal.

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