Do CMU staffers know something we don't? Course material points to a 2019 apocalypse.

I don't even remember exactly how I came across this information on the internet, but it caught my attention. 'The End of the World 2018-2019' is the startling heading for a collection of courses at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Central Michigan University.

A series of lectures from visiting authors, educators and artists make up the material categorized under the heading of "Crisis, Turning Points, Renewals."

​Recent months and years have seen unusual activity in what might be called the apocalyptic space of public and private discourse. Political, social, cultural, and environmental developments in the United States and beyond have inspired commentary, analysis, and even a little prophecy — not just from the usual quarters but also from sources not ordinarily prone to predictions of paradise or doom. These developments have a history, of course, including important precedents in religion, politics, literature, and science, but they also have a future.

-CMU course description

Should you even care what grade you get in this class? I mean, does it even matter?

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