Admit it, we all love the stuff Kraft puts in the green canister, that parmesan cheese topped your pasta and pizzas since you were a kid. But watching this aged wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese get sliced open gave me an Italian hankering that no Olive Garden could hope to satisfy.

The video posted to Facebook from the Cheese Lady, located in Texas Corners, has earned several thousand views from cheese lovers and a compliment from a customer who happened to be in the store when the cheese was cracked:

How lucky was I to walk in right before you opened it?!! I'm not even Irish!!! That was amazing and the sample, you weren't kidding....creamy and delicious!

It takes 5 minutes to properly score and slice open the huge wheel of cheese. The video notes this cheese has been aged nearly 3 years and was opened to celebrate the business's 10-year anniversary.

While the Cheese Lady is the undisupted champion of cheese in Kalamazoo, there are many cheesemongers in the state wheeling out unique cheeses like Zingermans, the legendary Ann Arbor deli who boasts of a parm straight from Parma.

In the Detroit suburbs of Livonia and Plymouth, it's old-world at Cantoro Italian Market that imports rare cheeses.

Where ever you get your cheese from, there's a giant bowl of pasta somewhere that's calling my name right now.

So maybe you'd never dream of dusting something grabbed from McDonald's with fine parmesan cheese, but we know you get a hankering for the fast food stuff on occasion too. Check out these items we miss most from McD's menu:

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