Though Chris Cornell died in 2017, there are still a few legal matters being sorted out. TMZ reports that a financial dispute has occurred between the singer's estate and his eldest daughter Lilly concerning her education.

According to the report, when Cornell and his first wife Susan Silver split, he agreed to pay for their daughter's college expenses. A trust was established and funds were granted as needed. However, Lilly recently filed a claim with the Cornell estate for college and other expenses, but was denied.

Sources told TMZ that the hold up in the claim was due to Lilly's enrollment status. According to the report, she enrolled in a college for two semesters and the tuition was paid, but after the first week of instruction in her second semester, she dropped out.

The trustee has reportedly not asked for the money to be returned, but before doling out any further payments, they wanted proof that she was back in school.

Cornell's second wife, Vicky, administers the trust. Her lawyer, Marty Singer, told TMZ, "We are shocked that Lilly filed a claim in probate court since for over two years Vicky, with no legal obligation to do so, paid all of Chris' remaining child support despite it being questionable Vicky even owed same, as well as 80 percent of the required educational expenses for Lilly, including a request by Lilly to pay college tuition this semester when she failed to disclose she had dropped out."

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