Chris Cornell was laid to rest at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery last year and in the time since, his gravesite has become a popular spot for those attending the cemetery and paying their respects. But some fans have run afoul of the cemetery's policy on filming video and have reached out to the Cornell family to help spread the word.

"I know you love Chris Cornell fans! We do too!!! They are always respectful of his space and leave sweet gifts and notes," starts a letter sent to Cornell's widow Vicky. "However, Hollywood Forever has a strict filming policy. Rule 17 on the Rules and Regulations states that Hollywood Forever controls all representations of our cemetery. This includes filming. We do not allow unpermitted filming anywhere on the grounds."

The cemetery cites a desire to protect the privacy of those buried at the cemetery and the family's who have entrusted the establishment to care for their loved ones. Security at the cemetery have been instructed to be polite but firm when spotting people filming.

To help get the word out there, Cornell's social media has posted the letter, with the commentary, "We understand that some of Chris's fans wish to video their visits at Hollywood Forever, but we've had confirmation that it's against their policy. We'd like to thank everyone for their understanding. - Management Team, Chris Cornell."

Cornell passed away on May 18 of last year, committing suicide after a show in Detroit. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the final resting place not only of Cornell, but many other musicians and celebrities and is one of the more unique cemeteries in Los Angeles, also playing host to concerts and summer outdoor film screenings.

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