The soundtrack for the movie, "Singles" was already an essential release when it came out in 1992.   Almost 25 years old, the classic soundtrack has been reissued with a whole extra disc of unreleased tracks.

This soundtrack is literally a time capsule of the early 90's and the sound of Seattle.  It features Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Chris Cornell, and Smashing Pumpkins among others.

Being a fan of all of these bands this soundtrack has been a staple of my collection since it was released.

Now to celebrate it's 25th anniversary, director of the film Cameron Crowe put together this new deluxe edition that features songs that were unreleased.  The live recordings from Alice In Chains and Soundgarden that were in the film.   Score songs from Paul Westerberg and Chris Cornell.  Even some songs from Chris Cornell that were part of the "Poncier Tape".  My favorite is the song from the band in the film Citizen Dick (members of Pearl Jam), "Touch Me I'm Dick".

The book that comes with the release features a short history of the film from Cameron Crowe.  He also comments on each song on the new release.  There are also some great photos including one that features Cameron Crowe along with film star Matt Dillion, Jeff Ament from Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell and Layne Staley.

Interesting thing about this new release is that it came out the day after Chris Cornell passed away.  It is surprising that none of these unreleased songs were not out until now.  I am glad they have been put out there for all to enjoy.  If you are a fan of the original soundtrack this is a must own.

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