Well, it's about time.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced Thursday the return of the classic Blue (and Maize) license plate, terming it a "resident favorite".

The guess here is these will sell well. And if that is the case, then the Secretary Of State should either be praised or knocked for not taking advantage of a potential revenue stream. The price of the plates will only be an additional $5 on top of the regular registration fee.

Two Questions: When Can I Buy Mine?

You can buy it right how, online. You can also pick up the throwback plate if you buy a car from a dealer, or here's a novel way to do it: at a branch office.

Can I Get A Personalized Plate?

Yes, but there's a limit of six characters and digits due to the font size and the design of the plate.

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This announcement is an eye-opener for me, as about the only thing I want to have to do with plates and registrations, normally, is simply pay my fee and get my sticker and go. But this link to the SOS website shows you a bunch of things, including letting you check to see if a custom plate you want to make is available. (And it will also tell you  what certain words are no-no's.

Fun License Plate Fact

Did you know the letter 'O' is not permitted. The number '0' will be substituted. Also, spaces are allowed and are counted as characters.

I have a feeling more than a few Michigander are getting new license plates from Santa Claus.

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