Willie Nelson is on the road again and the outlaw country pioneer will be playing New Buffalo's Four Winds Casino.

"When Trigger goes, I’ll quit," Willie Nelson once said of his signature guitar that he has been playing for more than 40 years. Both are showing signs of wear but have not given up the spotlight.

Over his six-decade career, Willie Nelson has earned every conceivable award as a musician and earned reputable credentials as an author, actor, activist and entrepreneur. The legend of Willie’s stash lives on in Willie's Reserve, a trailblazing line of marijuana products that celebrate Willie’s love of cannabis and the culture surrounding it. The red-headed stranger has been on the cover of Rolling Stone and AARP. Wheter you like country music or not, you can't argue that Willie is a legend.

The tagline of Willie's Reserve says it all: Legends aren't born, they're made...and they grow.

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