Even though it's only the first full week of August, back to school is already on our mind.  It's certainly on the mind of retailers who are pushing all their back to school sales.  This time of year always seems like an innocent time as kids are either excited to see their school friends again or there will be heel marks all the way to the school bus.

The point is we shouldn't have to worry about anything surprisingly harmful to our children; especially something as basic as crayons.  However, according to our friends at ABC 12, the PlaySkool brand of crayons sold at places like The Dollar Tree contains asbestos.  In fact, a national interest group studied just the green crayon under a microscope and found asbestos fibers.  Of course we all know what exposure to asbestos can do!  But here's the crazy thing, none of the stores seem eager to pull this brand off their shelves.  Get the specifics on the whole situation by clicking HERE.

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