According to a post on his official Facebook page, Glenn Danzig will be celebrating the debut album from his eponymous outfit with "a limited number of special shows" in both the United States and Europe. Dates have yet to be announced.

“Happy New Year to all!!" begins the post which went up over the weekend (Jan. 6) and can be viewed below. "2018 marks the incredible 30 year anniversary for DANZIG & to commemorate the occasion, DANZIG will be performing a limited number of special shows here in the US & Europe. We will keep you updated as we get info...Stay tuned!!”

Last year was a busy one for Danzig, as he released the 10th album from his namesake band titled Black Laden Crown. A handful of dates followed, along with appearances at this year's Riot Fest, and he closed the year by fronting a handful of shows with the classic lineup of his first group, the horror punk legends Misfits, who reunited in 2016.

Danzig split from the Misfits in the early '80s, launching Samhain, which began to veer more into heavy metal. By 1987, the band was renamed Danzig and the following year released their self-titled debut, a bluesy, hard-rocking effort featuring the hit single "Mother." Danzig's original lineup splintered as the '90s wore on and the frontman experimented with sounds like industrial, doom and a heavier take on metal.

When Danzig performed at Riot Fest last September, the band played Danzig III: How the Gods Kill, in its entirety. The performance commemorated the 25th anniversary of the album's release. It's unclear whether something similar might be done for Danzig when the limited run of shows kicks off later in 2018.

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